Monday, November 21, 2005

I can't believe this. I just really can not believe that I built my very own website. And the really good part about it is that it's mine! Lots of hard work and dedication went into making this a reality. You have to understand that I have wanted my very own site for years. Either it was too expensive or someone wanted to create it for me but they call the shots. I kinda did some sleuthing and discovered that I could do it at like a fraction of the cost. The only thing it took on my end was some creativity.

I took some cues from Prince as well as my wife and just did it. I don;t have to answer to anyone and I call all the shots. I love to write and I love to express myself. I like to be creative and just let the juices flow (no pun intended!) and just go. I can't wait to hit Planet Rock and just start making my music now. There are just infinite possibilities and I feel as if the planets have aligned and it's like "okay kid... it's on you." I don't know where this will go or where this will take me, but I know in my heart it's a step in the right direction.