Friday, December 30, 2005

Goodbye 2005... Hello 2006

Wow. This year is over already? Seems like I woke up yesterday and it was January 1, 2005! Now here I am about to welcome in 2006. It all just flew by so fast, man. However, I am thankful to have seen another year go by and usher in another cipher.

Let me say that I am very thankful. I have a lot to be thankful for. For one, my wife. I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for this lady and the wonderful lessons that I have been blessed to learn from her. I am proud of her for accomplishing a major milestone and it's just cool to have someone like her in my life. In 2005, I got closer to my father in a way I never thought imagineable. I got to see a different side of Pops and it made me feel good to call him "Daddy," ya know? This year, I also got to see just how my poetry has affected many people over the years. It's funny -- I knew I had been doing this a long ass time when cats who are like 19 and 20 are telling me "I have heard of you!" Just lets me know that I still have more work to do in this spoken word arena and to keep it coming.

I have learned some lessons that have been both enlightening and frustrating. Had my good times and bad. I'm still thankful.

I have no idea what 2006 has in store for me. I just pray that the Universe will be kind and the one thing that I do want to accomplish this upcoming year is change. There are some ideas, ways, methods, and thought patterns that will be undergoing an "extreme makeover" in 2006. (smile) I promise that I will not be the same person one year from today.

Thank you, 2005. Welcome, 2006.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Thoughts on Oprah Winfrey

For Christmas this year, the wife and I recieved a copy of the Oprah Winfrey DVD. You know, the one that's like 6 DVD's long and has all the highlights? Yeah... that one. Well let me just say this: I have all the respect in the world for Oprah Winfrey. We're probably halfway through the set and I have learned so much about the lady as well as myself.

As a kid, when I go over to Grandmother Doris' in the afternoon, the TV would be tuned in to "Oprah." I never paid it much attention and figured that Grandmother Doris was watching it only because she saw her in "The Color Purple." In my 12-years-young mind, I found the show to be quite interesting. As I got older, the show would intrigue me here and there and I would find myself sitting down to watch and listen to what Oprah was saying. Then I would head outside and do the things that beckons the average teenager and not think twice about what Miss Winfrey was talking about. I did enjoy her conversation with Michael Jackson before all the madness truly erupted and I dug her talk with Dennis Rodman back in 1996 at the height of "Rodmania." Afterwards, I forgot all about Oprah as well as the show.

Flash forward to about 1997, 1998. Iyanla Vanzant was a regular on her show and everytime Sister Iyanla was on "Oprah," the VCR would be set. Now my mindstate was "okay... I'm digging this show, man." Together, these two ladies put some heavy mental on the brain and of course, it compelled me to buy a bunch of Iyanla books that are now collecting dust! However, the seed was planted and I had to now have my "Oprah" fix. I found her to be full of knowledge and her topics would prove to be very stimulating. I began to see Oprah as like one of the sisters on the block you holla at for some quick advice and go on about your business. Feel me?

It wasn't until I settled down with the wife and Oprah Winfrey began to play a much bigger role in my life. The topics I could relate to more because life had given me much experience. Now it was "sweetie, did you set the tape for 'Oprah'?" (smile) Watching the show now from the aspect of a man 30-years-young, I pick up on something that I can add to my life and move forward. The wife and I often have conversations about what we just watched and sometimes, find ourselves still talking about it days later. To me, Oprah Winfrey is more than a talk show host -- she has become a hero to me in many ways. She is an icon and someone to be admired in every aspect of the word.

Let me be real and say that I am NOT ashamed to say I watch "Oprah!" (LOL)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


The other day I finally got to see the flick, "Rent." The music intrigued the hell outta me and I'm almost sorry that I never got to see this onstage. I thought that the acting was superb. Jesse L. Martin as "Tom Collins" was just extraordinary. Rosario Dawson? Her portrayal of "Mimi" was just spectacular. And Wilson Heredia's "Angel?" Wow!

The only thing I hated about "Rent" is that is started off kinda slow. If you're not familiar with the story, you will get lost if you don't pay attention. It also sucked ass that I had to see it with a bunch of middle-aged women who would not keep quiet! Nothing ruins a good movie experience like useless chatter and loud, crackling snacks! But anyway. Eventually I started to get the hang of the flick and my attitude changed to "okay, I'm feeling this." I could relate to the characters in "Rent:" bohemians looking for acceptance in this closed-minded society. I've known people like "Mimi" and "Tom Collins." Working at an AIDS hospice back in 1999, I've taken care of many an "Angel." It was a human film about human issues. It was a feelgood flick and I think this is something I can see watching a million times once I get the DVD. Kinda like I feel about "Rocky Horror."

However, the reality is Hollywood is not about musicals these days. I think "Rent" wasn't a box office success because hell... it wasn't promoted right! I didn't even know this flick was coming until I saw the preview in November. It's kind of a drag to see it not do so well but trust me when I say it WILL be a cult classic in a few years!

Aren't we all still singing the songs to "Grease" some 30 years later? (smile)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Janet Jackson

Janet Damita Jo Jackson has been catching hell ever since the infamous "wardrobe malfunction" at the 2004 Super Bowl. Her CD, "Damita Jo," was considered by some to be a flop and her relationship with music producer Jermaine Dupri has been the topic of tabloid fodder. There was the video of Janet sunbathing naked that hit the web this past summer and the icing on the cake were the rumors of a child with ex-husband James DeBarge. Oh, and let's not forget the drama with her brother Michael and his allegations of child molestaion.

Can the lady get a break?

You almost want to put your arms around Janet and tell her it will be okay. To most of us, she has been like a member of the family. She was the homegirl you kicked it with on "Control," the social commentator on "Rhythm Nation 1814," and she came into her own with 1993's "janet." We scratched our heads with "The Velvet Rope," danced our butts "All For You," and got introduced to her alter ego, "Damita Jo." In between were the films and lavish videos and flashbacks of "Good Times," "Diff'rent Strokes," "Fame," and "Dream Street." Janet Jackson has been our girl and you get pissed that they just won't leave her alone. We've seen what has become of Michael -- a reclusive individual who has been reduced to laughingstock for late-night punchlines. You don't want that to happen to lil' Penny. Okay, so she showed some tit at the Super Bowl. Big deal. Get over it. I have heard the argument a million times "but my child was watching that." Okay. And? It was a breast. I never understood why folks got their panties in a bunch over a tit and it's a lot worse that's shown on "Desperate Housewives."

And about this so-called "child" with James DeBarge. First off, who gives a damn if she did or if she didn't! How many other entertainers have hid children or had secret lives that we never knew about? Second, they said the kid was 18. Okay, let's do some math. If Janet and James were together in 1984 and their marriage was annulled in less than a year, that's about 20 years ago, right? So for an 18-year-old Jackson-DeBarge child to be walking around, that kid would've been born in 1987. That year, "Control" was one of the hottest LP's in the country. Janet was all over the place. When and where would she have found the time to have a child? Screw the argument of "but she hid her marriage to Rene for 9 years!" Please. The facts don't add up, man. It doesn't make any sense at all. Sorry, but I can't be convinced that Janet has a child out there that we don't know about.

The point is, it's time to just let Janet be Janet and continue to enjoy the music she has given us over the past 23 years. We can argue about kids and tits all day long and never get anywhere. In the end, it's all about the music. You just wanna dance and feel good. When you hear the bass thump on "When I Think Of You" or the grooves from "Together Again," thinking about Janet's boobs is the last thing on your mind.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Misdirection of Lauryn Hill

The first time I saw "Sister Act 2," I was blown completely away by the singing skills of a young lady named Lauryn Hill. I was telling all my friends about this dynamic sister with the honey-coated pipes and I said to them "mark my words, one day she will be a star." Folks laughed at me and called me crazy. I was like "you'll see." A few months later, I was flipping through this magazine called "Vibe" when I stumbled upon a review for a CD by this group called the Fugees. The young lady in the middle of the two dudes looked very familiar to me. "Where have I seen this girl?" I asked myself. I kept on reading and recognized the name: Lauryn Hill. I hopped on the 15 and made my way to Soundwaves where I copped "Blunted on Reality." However, the reality was the CD was horrible.

Still, I thought to myself Lauryn Hill is gonna be big! I tried like hell to give that CD he benefit of the doubt. The production was weak, the lyrics were subpar, and I felt as if Lauryn didn't get a chance to really shine. I was very unimpressed and I ended up giving the CD away. It wasn't until one night I was up late watching videos with Moms that the Fugees came on to do a live spot. The song they performed was "Nappy Heads" and I remembered how they ripped it! Even Moms was hollering "cheeba, cheeba y'all/well I'm a Libra y'all" and I told my man I wanted my CD back. No dice. Had to go and cop another one.

Fast forward to 1996. Tupac was on Death Row and Sean Combs was still Puffy. Word came that the Fugees would be dropping a new project and again, I told everyone to watch out for Lauryn Hill. I was right. "The Score" came and with hits like "Fugee-La," "Cowboys," and Killing Me Softly," there was no way you could get away from the Fugees. Wyclef, Pras, and Lauryn seemed to turn up everywhere you looked. But it's that fame that gets ya everytime. Whereas the Fugees came as a unit, the media singled out Lauryn Hill. It was L-Boogie who was the soul of the group. L-Boogie who was the media darling. L-Boogie with the ill lyrics. After awhile it looked like Lauryn Hill and the Fugees. Everyone wanted her to go solo. Brothers wanted her for a mate and sisters wanted her for some girl time. Overnight, Lauryn became our Aretha, Nina, Patti, Roberta, and Chaka all in one. The Jersey girl had finally made it and cats who laughed in my face two years prior were now calling me on the phone and eating their words.

Then it finally came. After taking some time off to have a child with Rohan Marley, Lauryn blessed us with a masterpiece, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill." Sporting a head full of beautiful locs, she became the female version of Nesta. Her face was plastered over magazine covers and her videos were in constant rotation on MTV. By now, the rap community had lost Tupac and Biggie and a void needed to be filled. Suddenly, we had this beautiful and natural sister who had become a role model and a voice for the voiceless. Her songs provoked change and the music moved you something like Stevie in the 70's. Her concerts were sell outs and her records flew out of the bins. It was a conscious party and Lauryn Hill provided the music to have a good time and be mentally stimulated. The tip of the iceberg was her mega-selling opus recieving 5 Grammy awards and being considered a modern day classic.

And it all came crashing down after that.

Maybe the success was too much, too soon. There was talk of Lauryn not being able to handle the pressure of being such a big star. She took a backseat and produced for other artists like Mary J. Blige and Aretha Franklin, but it appeared as if Lauryn was losing ground. Beef with fellow Fugee member Wyclef led to a bitter dispute that was played out in the media. Speculation of her relationship with Rohan not going well was making the rounds and then the accusations of her not producing her CD fueled lots of heat as well. Could it be Lauryn Hill was a fraud? Rumors, rumors, and more rumors dogged her until finally, we got to see for ourselves.

The "MTV Unplugged" was the straw that broke the camel's back. There, sitting on a stool and strumming an out of tune guitar was our L-Boogie. Gone were the beautiful locs, now replaced by a worn-out baseball cap. The glamour was gone and so was the personality. She spoke of not wanting to have anything to do with the past, so she chose to not perform the tunes that made her who she was. Instead, we were subjected to endless chatter about life and it made it so obvious that she was unhappy. The new songs sounded as if they were created on the spot and of course, there were the tears. It just didn't make any sense why this young lady was so unhappy. And why did every interview have to deal with her "letting go" and what was with the new dull and bland look? She said that she was being guided by a spiritual leader and she was shedding negativity. Then she had the nerve to charge ridiculous prices for her work on her website. Hmm... so much for being humbled now that we've found a higher plane, eh?

When Dave Chappelle hosted his block party in Brooklyn in 2004, the highlight was a Fugee reunion. Yes, it made headlines but for some reason, it seemed like it wasn't genuine. In the summer of 2005, they made an appearance on the "BET Awards" that had some people scratching their heads and wondering what was up with Lauryn's appearance. She wore a Carol Channing-like wig and a ruffled shirt and looked as if she missed a few meals. Her singing was off key and the chemistry between the group members was null and void. They gave some lame excuse as to why the performance wasn't so great without acknowledging the truth: it's over.

Really, who wants to buy a 2006 Lauryn Hill? After she's dogged out everything and swore that she wanted nothing to do with "that" lifetsyle, why should I take her serious now? The stories of how she treats people is legendary: not allowing eye contact and talking down to folks. Talk of a new Fugee CD? This is a joke, right? The Black Eyed Peas picked up where they left off.

I bought "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill." I'm sorry, but I just can't dig "The Misdirection of Lauryn Hill," too.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Entertainment Year in Review - 2005

As the year winds down to a close, let's take a look back on some of the highlights of the entertainment world:

1.) The Michael Jackson Verdict - During the course of this bullshit trial, we learned that MJ is about as thugged out as the rest of us: he cusses like a sailor, watches porn, and still got Lisa Marie sprung. In the end, Money Mike made out like a bandit and is still counting that Beatle dough. Respect his gangsta, beeyotch!

2.) The Mass Commercialization of 50 Cent - It all started with a beef to sell some records, then a much publicized feud with his label-mate, The Game. He signed has-beens M.O.P. and now has former Shiny Suit Man Ma$e shouting "GGGG-Unit!" There was the VitaminWater, the video game, and that whack ass movie that no one saw for fear of getting shot. Now comes word of a 50 Cent condom. Note to 50: MC Hammer!

3.) Tom Cruise - There comes a time when you just gotta say "what the fuck?" From saying stupid shit in the name of Scientology to dancing on Oprah's couch, Mr. Top Gun has perfected the craft of making an ass of one's self! And by the way, we'll see how long his "marriage" to Katie Holmes will last.

4.) "I'm Just Being Bobby Brown" - This former member of New Edition and late 80's superstar confirmed what we knew all along -- that Whitney Houston is nuttier than squirrel shit! Week after week we all tuned in to see the latest drama unfold in the House of Brown. We loved it; we hated it. "Hell to the naw" became the new catchphrase and "dookie bubble" gave us TMGDI: Too Much Goddamn Information!

5.) Kanye West - After collecting some Grammy gold, "The College Dropout" snatched Common from "The Electric Circus" and blessed his fellow Chitown homie with the hip-hop classic, "Be." Not stopping there, he hit us with "Late Registration" and took the rap world back to the days of consciousness with the immortal words: "George Bush does not care about Black people." Pump ya fist.

6.) Nick and Jessica - With his CD sales going wood and her disastrous "acting" gig in the megaflop "Dukes of Hazzard," it came as no surprise there was trouble in loveland. When these media darlings decided to go their own way, it actually came as a breath of fresh air. I just feel for the poor bastards who spent good money to see her in a pair of cut-offs that were too big for her bony ass!

7.) "Trapped in the Closet Parts 1-12" - This is what happens when you have totally run out of ideas. You go into the studio and just create some shit that is totally a waste of CD soundwaves. Then he had the nerve to go on the VMA's and try to act this crappola out in a one-man production? Sources say there is more to come from Mr. Piss On You.

8.) Janet Jackson Gets Naked - What do you do when you have the most downloaded tittie in internet and TiVo history? You get bucky nekkid, lay in the sun, and play a tune on your ass! All we need now is for Rebbie to show some skin and we'll be good to go!

9.) Thanks For the Support... Love, Superhead - Only in America can you suck some wang and become an instant celebrity. Karrine Steffans, known throughout the hip-hop world as "Superhead," busted nuts and named names. Her book "Confessions of a Video Vixen" became a bestseller and made her a millionaire. The dirt was dug deep and the gossip was good, but did we really need to know about her and Ray J?

10.) "Hustle and Flow" - In a year of Hollywood remakes, next to "Crash" this was one of the most original and entertaining films of the year. It solidified Terrence Howard as a serious actor and had us all singing "whup that trick/yeah/whup that trick/get 'em!"

11.) The Rise of Houston Hip-Hop - The Bayou City became a hot spot as Slim Thug, Paul Wall, and Mike Jones (281-330-2004) took the city to new heights. MTV did a special and folks from all over the country are now feenin' for iced out grills and Timmy Chan's.

12.) Madonna - You know it's sad when your last album sounds like the previous three and the look you are going for has been done to death. The Queen of Re-Invention? Please! Many agree that the whole Kabbalah, children storybook writing version of Madonna has fallen from her high horse.

13.) Dave Chappelle - What happened? One minute we were all walking around saying 'I'm Rick James, bitch!" and singing "The Piss On You Remix" and the next? Son pulled one of those "Eddie and the Cruisers" moves on us. Rumors came from all over. Crazy. Crack. In the end, Dave assured us he was okay. Fame... ain't it a bitch?

14.) Mariah Makes a Comeback - Okay, okay, okay... so she made us all eat our words! "The Emancipation of Mimi" sold millions of units and put Mariah back on the map. Her TV appearances were all cleavage and lip-synching but Mariah showed our asses... or did she?

15.) Puffy/Puff Daddy/P Diddy/Diddy - The self-proclaimed "Black Frank Sinatra" did a horrendous job as host of the VMA's and changed his name to garner some much needed attention for himself. Still pimping the legacy of BIG with a digital "duets" CD that features the late Frank White with Bob Marley and 2Pac. Trust me when I say there is a warm spot in hell reserved for Mr. Combs.

16.) Hick-Hop - Big and Rich, along with a hulking Black man named Cowboy Troy performing rap and country music. Just fucking great! Just what the world needs: Charley Pride and freekin' Hank (Boceephus) Williams Jr rocking Sean John and remaking "Aint Nuthin' But a G Thing!"

17.) Lil Kim in the Big House - This is what happens when keeping it real goes wrong. One of two things will happen for Kim while in the pokey: she comes out hard like Pac or we'll be seeing her dropping verses on TBN.

18.) Destiny Turns Off the Radio - After numerous line-up changes and enough hits to make Mike Tyson envious, the "Bootylicious" trio calls it quits with "Destiny Fulfilled." I got $10 riding that in a few years we'll get "Destiny Returns."

19.) Oprah - The most powereful woman on the planet -- FUCK Condoleeza Rice! Who has so much juice that she can do a broadcast in the offseason? Who has so much clout that she can make you or break you just by saying your name? Who is just so bad that things get done just because Oprah is attached to it? Nuff respect due.

20.) Jigga and Esco Squash Beef - When two of the most important figures in hip-hop came together at this year's "SummerJam," it marked the ending of one of the nastiest vocal feuds in history. Admit it... that was a surprise, eh? Not only was it a great day for the rap community, but we can only imagine the damge these two men would do if they joined forces.

Prince and the Revolution

I have no shame whatsoever about being a Prince fan. Call me what you want, but I love his music with a passion. I always have. Ever since I was that 5-year-old kid who found his mother's vinyl copy of "Dirty Mind" laying on the coffeetable, I have been a major admirer of His Royal Badness. I think I probably have everything he has ever done: bootlegs, live concerts, unreleased projects, rarities, and just about everything in between. His music has pretty much provided the soundtrack to my crazy ass life. I can honestly say that I have seen him through many phases of his career -- from the "Rude Boy" to the unpronounceable glyph, and from "His Royal Badness" to being just Prince all over again. I've been to the concerts, got tickets to the films, bought a lot of merchandise, and have been a faithful supporter of the Man because I admire him so much. As he gets ready to drop his latest project "3121," there is something that bothers the hell out of me: why do people want him to return to the Prince of old?

To be real, I don't think I can get ready for the Prince of old. I have gotten so used to seeing him progress with the times that it would hurt my feelings to see him in a purple trenchcoat. With such monumental pieces of work that include "Purple Rain," "Parade," "Sign O' the Times," and "Diamonds and Pearls," I think it would be a slap in the face to see Prince try to slide down a pole like he did in the "1999" video. People change. The argument that I have made is the gentleman is pushing 50 years of age. He's not 25 anymore. When I went to the "Musicology" tour last year, I didn't go expecting to see him hump the piano or even do a split. I went because I knew that no matter what Prince would play, I was bound to see a great show. And I did. A few times he slithered around on the floor, but that was as raunchy as it got. Even he said that he respects the fact that people bring their children to see his shows. Gone are the days of four letter words and prancing around in his bikini briefs. I see that change. I have witnessed that revolution that unfolded over the years. The question is: why can't some people respect that and move on.

When you see Michael Jackson onstage, you know exactly what he's gonna do. You know that "Wanna Be Startin' Something" will be in the first five songs of his playlist. You know that he will perform "Billie Jean" exactly as he did on "Motown 25." You know he's gonna do that tired routine where he "cries" while singing "She's Out of My Life." He's predictable. The same can be said of Madonna. Here is someone who spent her career reinventing herself, only to fall victim to following everyone else's lead. With Prince, you never know what he's gonna do! Just when you think you're about to hear "When Doves Cry," he goes into "I Wanna Be Your Lover." Or better yet, he might do "Let's Go Crazy" but it will be in a completely different arrangement. See where I am going with this?

Artists have that tendency to change. If they didn't, the majority of their work would be crap because they quit challenging themselves. I agree with Nikka Costa who said "Prince has yet to scrape the bottom of his talents." I think there is that masterpiece that is waiting to be played in our CD players. He almost had us with "Musicology." We're talking about a man who has amassed a body of work that will go unrivaled in this generation's lifetime. No one -- not Britney, Justin, Usher, or Alicia -- will ever garner that type of catalouge that Prince has blessed us with since 1978. The industry is no longer set up to allow an entertainer to flourish like that. And people have the nerve to say they want the Prince of old?

Uh-uh. Look at it like this: Michael Jackson is still chasing "Thriller."

Monday, December 05, 2005

"She Hate Me"

I am so glad that I did not pay to see this film. I would have been pissed off to the highest level of pisstivity. I finally saw this for the first time last night and when it was all over, my reaction was "what the fuck, man?" Has Spike Lee just fallen off that hard? There was a time when a Spike Lee joint meant an event: you broke out the baseball caps and the jerseys and it was on! I remember catching the bus to see "Malcolm X" and running to the Nation of Islam after it was all over. With this flick, "She Hate Me," I was scratching my head and wondering what the hell was he smoking?

I haven't enjoyed a Spike Lee flick since "Summer of Sam." That was probably his last piece of really great cinema. "Bamboozled?" Please. That was horrible. Damon Wayans and that bullshit accent makes me want to slit my wrist! The time has come for Spike to really come with it. It's a shame that he has to resort to gimmicks and gratuitous sex scenes that aren't needed to make his point. I have no problem with sex scenes, but it seemed like they were for shock value and added nothing to the film.

Spike... do the right thing and come up with a much better movie!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

50 Cent: Man of the Year?

I was in the store yesterday when I came across a magazine that startled me. It was "GQ," and on the front cover was rapper 50 Cent. The headline read "Man of the Year." Interesting.

Let me just keep it real and say that I am no fan of 50 Cent. Maybe I am clueless as to why the public is so fascinated with the man. His music does nothing for me. It's the same type of sing-songy stuff that Ja Rule was doing before his career went under. Still, I have a certain level of respect for Curtis Jackson, the man behind the persona. I guess if I sold a story of a violent upbringing and spoke of my immortality by taking nine bullets, I could be successful as well. With his first CD achieving diamond status and his second project pushing in excess of quadruple platinum, a clothing line, a video game, and a movie based on his life, 50 Cent can lay claim to having a successful and fruitful year. "Man of the Year?" I don't think so.

Comedian Paul Mooney once performed a skit called "Ask a Black Dude" on the popular "Chappelle's Show." In it, he mentioned that "White folks take everything! They took Lionel Richie, they took Michael Jackon, they took Tina Turner, they took James Brown... they gave him back!" It was funny and sad at the same time because it's true. Once you go "mainstream," the masses have you hook, line, and sinker. The same can be applied to 50 Cent. It was only a few years ago that a struggling 50 Cent was an underground sensation with his controversial song, "How To Rob." He had skills, and many said that the future looked good for this unsigned hype that had everyone tuning in. It appeared that every track 50 laced with his rhymes could move the crowd. Then came Dr. Dre and Eminem. Nothing against these two great men, but once the ink was dry on the contract, 50 Cent was no longer the underground kingpin. He was now a part of the big leagues. Judging from the content of his major label debut, "Get Rich or Die Tryin'," it was apparent that they took him too.
Like Tupac, 50 Cent has had his share of controversy. It's a marketing scheme that is used to sell his CD's. Start a beef - sell a million records. Fat Joe vs. 50 Cent. The Game vs. 50 Cent. Is this for real? It gets old after awhile. Eventually people will realize that it's all bullshit and move on the next great hype. It happens in the entertainment industry all the time. Still, the thought of 50 Cent as "Man of the Year" is almost insulting to those who really made a contribution in their repsective field that was worthwhile.
I guess next year Dick Cheney will be "Man of the Year."