Wednesday, December 28, 2005

My Thoughts on Oprah Winfrey

For Christmas this year, the wife and I recieved a copy of the Oprah Winfrey DVD. You know, the one that's like 6 DVD's long and has all the highlights? Yeah... that one. Well let me just say this: I have all the respect in the world for Oprah Winfrey. We're probably halfway through the set and I have learned so much about the lady as well as myself.

As a kid, when I go over to Grandmother Doris' in the afternoon, the TV would be tuned in to "Oprah." I never paid it much attention and figured that Grandmother Doris was watching it only because she saw her in "The Color Purple." In my 12-years-young mind, I found the show to be quite interesting. As I got older, the show would intrigue me here and there and I would find myself sitting down to watch and listen to what Oprah was saying. Then I would head outside and do the things that beckons the average teenager and not think twice about what Miss Winfrey was talking about. I did enjoy her conversation with Michael Jackson before all the madness truly erupted and I dug her talk with Dennis Rodman back in 1996 at the height of "Rodmania." Afterwards, I forgot all about Oprah as well as the show.

Flash forward to about 1997, 1998. Iyanla Vanzant was a regular on her show and everytime Sister Iyanla was on "Oprah," the VCR would be set. Now my mindstate was "okay... I'm digging this show, man." Together, these two ladies put some heavy mental on the brain and of course, it compelled me to buy a bunch of Iyanla books that are now collecting dust! However, the seed was planted and I had to now have my "Oprah" fix. I found her to be full of knowledge and her topics would prove to be very stimulating. I began to see Oprah as like one of the sisters on the block you holla at for some quick advice and go on about your business. Feel me?

It wasn't until I settled down with the wife and Oprah Winfrey began to play a much bigger role in my life. The topics I could relate to more because life had given me much experience. Now it was "sweetie, did you set the tape for 'Oprah'?" (smile) Watching the show now from the aspect of a man 30-years-young, I pick up on something that I can add to my life and move forward. The wife and I often have conversations about what we just watched and sometimes, find ourselves still talking about it days later. To me, Oprah Winfrey is more than a talk show host -- she has become a hero to me in many ways. She is an icon and someone to be admired in every aspect of the word.

Let me be real and say that I am NOT ashamed to say I watch "Oprah!" (LOL)