Wednesday, December 21, 2005


The other day I finally got to see the flick, "Rent." The music intrigued the hell outta me and I'm almost sorry that I never got to see this onstage. I thought that the acting was superb. Jesse L. Martin as "Tom Collins" was just extraordinary. Rosario Dawson? Her portrayal of "Mimi" was just spectacular. And Wilson Heredia's "Angel?" Wow!

The only thing I hated about "Rent" is that is started off kinda slow. If you're not familiar with the story, you will get lost if you don't pay attention. It also sucked ass that I had to see it with a bunch of middle-aged women who would not keep quiet! Nothing ruins a good movie experience like useless chatter and loud, crackling snacks! But anyway. Eventually I started to get the hang of the flick and my attitude changed to "okay, I'm feeling this." I could relate to the characters in "Rent:" bohemians looking for acceptance in this closed-minded society. I've known people like "Mimi" and "Tom Collins." Working at an AIDS hospice back in 1999, I've taken care of many an "Angel." It was a human film about human issues. It was a feelgood flick and I think this is something I can see watching a million times once I get the DVD. Kinda like I feel about "Rocky Horror."

However, the reality is Hollywood is not about musicals these days. I think "Rent" wasn't a box office success because hell... it wasn't promoted right! I didn't even know this flick was coming until I saw the preview in November. It's kind of a drag to see it not do so well but trust me when I say it WILL be a cult classic in a few years!

Aren't we all still singing the songs to "Grease" some 30 years later? (smile)