Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fuck Howard Stern!

With all the media hoopla surrounding his Sirius radio broadcast, I have this to say: FUCK HOWARD STERN!

Yeah... I said it. Fuck him and his radio show. Fuck Robin as well. Freedom of speech is a bitch! If he can be "free" to say what he wants on his show, then I can be free to tell him to kiss my ass. I have a disdain for this man that goes back like mad years. What's my issue with Stern, you ask? Ignorance and stupidity in the name of entertainment. Racial intolerance and just overall tackiness. That's why I have an issue with Howard Stern.

What I don't understand is why his leaving a radio station for satellite radio is such big news. Okay, so he has listeners. He's popular because he can get chicks to show their tits and get damn near ass naked and that's all well and good. But the tripped out part is HE'S NOT FUNNY! Howard Stern has some of the most dry ass humor that I have ever heard, man! Ain't shit funny about folks farting all over the goddamn place! That's that schoolyard shit that little kids laugh at. Maybe he has a target audience... I don't know. But on the cool, the media can spare me the details about him being "free" and doing what he wants to do.

And Robin Quivers? That fucking sellout.

Does she get paid to just sit there and laugh like a coon? You might as well paint her face with the black polish and paint her lips white and call her "Sambo." I'm like "bitch... that shit ain't funny!" The things that Howard says, especially about Black folks, would garner an ass whipping from someone who don't play that shit. But I guess when you licking bootstraps and trying to make that paper, degradation is just a word.

I love comedy. But I like good comedy. I can only do so much of the gross-out factor. Howard Stern? I choose not to listen to him. I just wish the media would just chill on trying to make a chocolate cake out of some bullshit.