Thursday, January 05, 2006

Toni! Toni! Toni!

So now Toni Braxton is considering posing nude for "Playboy." Well, for one thing, I'd buy a copy! However, the question is "why, Toni?"

She looks good for a lady of 37. After settling down as a wife and a mother of two sons, Toni's got it going on. No doubt about that. But I'm shaking my head because there is a trend with singers and "Playboy" and that is once their respective career has dwindled and no one really cares much about them, off comes the clothes. I've seen it with LaToya Jackson, Belinda Carlisle, Jody Watley, Tiffany, and Debbie Gibson. Maybe it's to keep the public interested in their careers but the truth is by the time we see the airbrushed boobs and that little line of pubic hair, no one really gives a shit.

Toni Braxton has had mega-success. She has won numerous Grammy Awards, done television, films, and has even appeared on Broadway with the starring role in "Aida." Of course, the story of bankruptcy and her losing everything is legendary, but true fans have stuck with Toni through it all. There has been the reports of her heart condition as well as issues with her youngest son. Toni has been there and done that and has survived. Granted, her latest offering "Libra" has not met up to music industry expectations. But neither did the other CD, "More Than a Woman." What does that spell in record industry politics? Has-been status.

Right around the time she dropped her sophomore project, "Secrets," Toni appeared on the cover of "Vibe" magazine wearing nothing but a bedsheet and a serious look. It damn near sent shockwaves through the world. "How could someone of her status do such a thing?" Many people wondered why did she resort to getting naked to sell an album? Especially when her debut project sold so many millions of copies and she appreared to be such a wholesome young lady with such an amazing voice. It baffled many. "Secrets" sold well and awarded Toni with more Grammy gold and then her world started to fall apart. She took some much needed time off and rebounded in 2000 with the hit album, "The Heat." She accepted her 2001 Grammy Award in a barely there dress and put J. Lo's overhyped dress to shame. Toni was back.

The world wasn't ready for the hip-hop version of Toni with her "More Than a Woman" project. Working with Mannie Fresh and the Cash Money Millionaires, Toni saw this CD become a flop. She did TV work and gave birth to another son as well. In 2005, she dropped her fifth CD, "Libra." As of recently, the project has not brought Toni Braxton back to the charts where she once ruled.

So now comes word of a nude layout for "Playboy." Should anyone be surprised? I'm not. I just hate that this late in her career this is what she resorts to. Maybe it would've been different had she done this at the height of everything back in 1996 or even 2000. But now?

What's there left to show?