Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Impeach the President!

Seriously... is there any way we can get rid of this asshole? At this point, I really could care less what I say about the guy and they can tap me all they want. If anything happens to me -- fucking Bush did it!

So we're gonna be in Iraq for a few more years, eh? Why? What has this war proved? What are we doing over there? What is all this proving? That we can go and fuck up another country and be Billy Bad Asses? This is all insanity. However, notice how North Korea says that they got missles that can hit us with the quickness and no one in Washington has said jack shit!

I was checking out the Pres' speech and he mentioned that this shit will drag on way after he's gone. In other words, the next Commander-in-Chief has to come in and clean this shit up. So he's started a war that he knows he won't be able to finish. I take it to mean that he know's he has fucked himself and is gonna leave his dirty work for someone else to take over. Unbelieveable.

I'm a young cat. However, I'm wise enough to acknowledge that the powers that be have literally fucked us all. I am still trying to figure out just how in the hell did this clown get in office? Did he have that much pull? Who's ass did he suck to get where he is today? It's been more fuck-ups in his administration than Clinton could've ever done. Let's face it and just say that Clinton got his wang-wang polished by an intern. But we all had jobs and could afford to have a piece of this American Dream. We will definitely look back on Bush and see just total bullshit.

Can we impeach this guy? Serious? Can we get him outta there? As much as I would love to see this guy pack his bags, I am afraid of who's gonna take his place. The Democrats don't have any direction right now and the Republicans? Goodness. As long as it ain't another goddamn Bush!