Friday, May 26, 2006

Onstage with Kelli Sae (Day 2)

Wow. That's all I can say about last night is wow. Kelli Sae is amazing. What an awesome performer, man. As I write this, I am still overwhelmed by it all. This is how my day went yesterday.

Got to soundcheck yesterday at Joe's Pub and all was good. Watched Kelli do her thing and just got into the vibe of the place. At one point, the band played up some funky music and to get into the vibe of things, I got up and got my groove on. I even had Kelli bugging out. It was a chill type soundcheck -- not so serious and a way for cats to kind of unwind. Dear reader, I just had a feeling deep down that I was gonna be in for a great show, man.

Fast forward to the real deal. Get to Joe's Pub and get Gina -- looking lovely as ever -- seated in the VIP and I headed to backstage. Now here's the tripped out part: I wasn't nervous until it got down to gametime. All of a sudden, I started shitting bricks! I got so overwhelmed that I started to damn near shake. A stagehand offered me a drink and I was like "I can do this, chief." I peeked from behind the curtain and looked at the spot and it was packed. I thought to myself "oh, shit!" I picked up my cell phone and called my Pops back home who gave me a "Rocky Balboa" speech and was like "you can do this, Chris. Rock that shit!" When I heard him do his Sylvester Stallone impression, I was good! Then, Kelli came over and we sat down and talked. I said "Kelli, I'm nervous." She looked at me and said "Chris, I'm nervous too!" We hugged and wished each other a great show.

"Five minutes, Chris," the stagehand said to me. We all went joined in for prayer and my God -- Kelli looked gorgeous now that she was all made up. Each of the bandmembers showed me love and I took my place. I stepped back as they all took their places onstage and when I heard my cue, I shimmied onstage and did my thing, man! I knew I was on point from the way the crowd was eating it up. I had New York in the palm of my hand, man! This is what I had always wanted to do -- rock a New York crowd. Been a dream of mine since I was a child, chief. Here I am, from Hiram Clarke, Houston now onstage in New York City. When I was done, Kelli came onstage and kissed me on the cheek. She looked at me and said "that was beautiful, sweetie." I knew then that I did the damn thing.

She was so good. The lady is a true entertainer and an overwhelming vocalist. That voice. Christ... that voice. The lady can sing her ass off! It was by far one of the best performances that I have ever seen, man! And I've seen some great shows. This goes up there with me seeing Michael Jackson, Prince, and Corey Glover.

After the show was over, I have never recieved so much love like I did last night. I even had ladies trying to kiss me! (LOL) The respect that I got from those people bugged me out. According to Kelli, the feedback she recieved was great. I made contacts and I made friends. I'm like "damn, now why I don't get this back home?" However, I am so humbled and feel so blessed, man. You have absolutely no idea how I am feeling as I write this.

The night ended with G and I having dinner with Mr. Director. This guy is a hoot! I love this guy! What a great cat. We chilled at a nearby diner and vibed for a few hours. We then caught the 6 and came on in and crashed.

What a night.

I'm In a New York State of Mind (Day 1)

"Damn... New York. Just like I pictured it: skyscrapers and e'rythang..."

Well, I'm here with the lovely Gina and New York is the joint, son. We haven't been here 24 hours and already getting mad love from peeps. I have always, always loved this place. So much culture and so much to do here. Last night's rehearsal with Kelli Sae was on point. Guys... eat'cha hearts out because the lady is drop-dead gorgeous! I'm sitting there looking at her and I'm like "damn!" No wonder I couldn't concentrate in rehearsal! (LOL)

Oh boy... but I had another treat that freaked me out. In another studio two doors down was The Family Stand! I was like "oh shit!" They were in there getting ready for their European tour. Sandra St. Victor is amazing. We got to hang out and just vibe for awhile. Wow! I came of age listening to "Ghetto Heaven!" They were so fucking cool, chief. Ant Boogie... eat your heart out, kid!

Then we met up with some cats and kicked it. SistaSuga and Trel were just amazing. We really had a great time. Myspace is so powerful, man.

Anyway, I am bouncing. More to come. Gotta go to soundcheck!