Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm In a New York State of Mind (Day 1)

"Damn... New York. Just like I pictured it: skyscrapers and e'rythang..."

Well, I'm here with the lovely Gina and New York is the joint, son. We haven't been here 24 hours and already getting mad love from peeps. I have always, always loved this place. So much culture and so much to do here. Last night's rehearsal with Kelli Sae was on point. Guys... eat'cha hearts out because the lady is drop-dead gorgeous! I'm sitting there looking at her and I'm like "damn!" No wonder I couldn't concentrate in rehearsal! (LOL)

Oh boy... but I had another treat that freaked me out. In another studio two doors down was The Family Stand! I was like "oh shit!" They were in there getting ready for their European tour. Sandra St. Victor is amazing. We got to hang out and just vibe for awhile. Wow! I came of age listening to "Ghetto Heaven!" They were so fucking cool, chief. Ant Boogie... eat your heart out, kid!

Then we met up with some cats and kicked it. SistaSuga and Trel were just amazing. We really had a great time. Myspace is so powerful, man.

Anyway, I am bouncing. More to come. Gotta go to soundcheck!